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If any of you guys use line, my id is bbangster (:

Feel free to add me. I play loads of tsum tsum (:
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NOTE: You may see duplicates on eBay for a higher price to compensate for the eBay fees - US Buyers ONLY.

Please email me at [ ] for anything you guys would like to claim. You may title it whatever you want, but make sure it’s obviously about an item. (I’m using a separate email so I don’t mix up orders with my personal items) I will be willing to negotiate on prices as well as combine shipping. PLEASE USE THE REGULAR ORDER FORM LOCATED HERE.

Shipping is included in the listed price. Everything is in perfect condition. No albums or dvds have ever been played. If still in the plastic wrap, I will try to be sure to specify. Please feel free to ask any questions for verification in case my posting has an error. I will only send photos to serious buyers. 

  • A-JAX 1st Mini 2MYX - $12.00
  • B.A.P. Recording Take 1 - $150.00 (Out of print)
  • B.A.P. Recording Take 2 - $150.00 (Out of print)
  • B1A4 1st Album ignition - $18.00 
  • Block B 2012 Seasons Greetings Set - $15.00
  • Block B 1st Mini New Kids on the Block - $12.00
  • Block B 2nd Mini Welcome the the Block Normal Edition - $17.00
  • Block B 2nd Mini Welcome to the Block Limited Edition - $85.00 (Out of Print)
  • Block B 2nd Mini Repackaged - $18.00
  • Block B 1st Album Blockbuster Limited Edition - $85.00
  • Code V 1st Album Honestly - $12.00
  • DGNA 2nd Single Autographed - $25.00
  • F.Cuz 2nd Mini Gorgeous - $12.00
  • G.NA 1st Album B&W - $12.00
  • I the Tritops 1st Mini Sweetholic - $10.00
  • Infinite BTD Japanese Version B - $70.00 (Out of Print, In Plastic)
  • Infinite BTD Japanese Version C - $20.00 (Out of Print, In Plastic)
  • Infinite Be Mine Japanese Version B (Pop Art) - $50.00 (Out of Print, In Plastic)
  • Infinite L’s Bravo Viewtiful - $50.00 (It got wet when I received it, so the bottom back is a little wavy but there is no known physical damage. I haven’t even opened it to look at - Out of Print)
  • Infinite Official 1st Fan Club Photobook - $70.00
  • Nu’est 1st Mini Action - $18.00 (MinHyun Photocard)
  • SM The Ballad 1st Album Miss You - $10.00
  • SS501 JungMin Repackaged Album - $10.00
  • SS501 Destination - $13.00 (In plastic)
  • Supernova 1st Album Stardust - $15.00

Fanmade Photobooks are located HERE. I intend to sell them separately but if there is one you are interested in. Please add it to your order. 

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Are there any active followers?

Please like/respond to this post. I am honestly asking because there are a lot of followers, but I know a lot of dead blogs now and I have started to make these posts again but I do not want my efforts to be wasted if no one is viewing the blog anymore.

Just let me know! And do you guys want a new font if so, or is it fine the way it is now? :D

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Anonymous asked: that "you call me gay" quote was not by g dragon, that was by justin bieber.

That’s what I originally thought as well, but there are so many posts that sources a fan account as well as constant submissions. So I’m no longer sure.

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This is absolutely unbelievable. Honestly, thank you so much. When I stopped posting 4 months ago, I couldn’t get past 9.2k followers, and all of a sudden coming back, I see I’ve truly hit a milestone. Over 10.5k followers is such a beautiful thing to see, and you can definitely expect the posts to start coming back :3

Thank you! ♥

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